Summer Tryout FAQ


  • Why are so many clubs moving to summer tryouts? There are several reasons for the recent change to summer tryouts. The #1 reason is logistics. It is getting very hard to plan a season, get registered for all events, and have uniforms come in on time. Having the earlier tryouts will help with all of these things. Also, there has been increasing pressure by some clubs during the school season. They have spent a lot of time and effort recruiting for their clubs while the players are in the middle of their season. This should eliminate a lot of this pressure. It also extends the time that families have to pay for their club season, spreading out payments for those that use payment plans.

  • What if my daughter/son wants to try out for more than one club? Every player is encouraged to try out for the clubs that they wish. Each club will be handling this differently. There will be no regulations on clubs this season by the PVA so we can only control how we plan to handle this situation. We plan to make offers and for those players that want to commit immediately, they will pay a non-refundable deposit that will be taken off of their season fees. For those that are undecided or try out for other clubs, they will receive our offer and we will request from them a time frame of when they might make their decision. This is not “if you don’t sign now, the offer is rescinded”. This is just asking for a time frame for our planning purposes. We will hold that offer open until the date given to us by the player that they will make their decision.


  • Will you be offering a makeup tryout after the school season? Our plan is to list any available positions for each team after summer tryouts. Information for each of these team positions will be posted at a later date.

  • Will there be any practices after tryouts before the school season ends? There will be absolutely no practices scheduled until the high school and middle school seasons are over. We want each player to thoroughly enjoy their school season with absolutely no pressure about club ball. Again, we cannot control what other clubs do during the school season.

  • Will you have your coaches lined up by the time summer tryouts begin? Yes, we will have all of our coaches in place along with practice times, dates and locations.


  • Will you have your season schedule ready by the time summer tryouts begin? Yes, we will have our schedule completed by the time your child comes to tryouts.


  • What levels of play do you offer?  We offer 3 levels of play. ELITE level is our highest level and requires the largest commitment from the players and families. These players will be the best of the best in their age group. It involves more travel and a slightly longer season. We will limit the distance of our travels to save time and money for our families. Over the last couple of years, there have been many more quality, high-level tournaments offered closer to home. NATIONAL teams are our power level teams. They will also have a rigorous travel schedule similar to Elite, but will have a shorter season ending in early May. These players have very strong fundamentals and know/understand the game very well. Our REGIONAL level teams are for players that are just learning the game and need to play at a lower competitive level in order to experience success.

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