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13-18U charleston Jam


12U Southern Classic


looking forward to a great 2021-22 season!

That's a wrap!! We are thrilled with our LMVC teams and looking forward to getting started practicing this week. 

Thank you to everyone that came and worked so hard!

Congratulations to all of the players that made our teams and we wish the best for those that did not and hope to see all of you throughout the season!

Lane signs at UNC Pembroke



Here is the link for the remaining Juniors Outdoor Tournaments. Be sure to experience the most fun way to improve as a player!

No coaches. No loud whistles. Lots of sun and lots of fun!


Amber Northcutt signs with USC Union!!

Medal Count - 2020-21

15 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze

Charleston Jam 1/2-3/21 2 (16 Sue & 12 Erin) 1 (17 Journee)
Southern Classic 1/23 & 24/21 1 (2nd place) (14 Ashleigh) 1 (2nd place 17 Nat Journee)
Crosstown Throwdown 2/6/21 1 (12 Nat Erin)
Crosstown Throwdown 2/7/21 3 (16 Sue - 1st, 18 Bailey 2nd, 16 Cecilia 2nd)
Bash at the Beach 2/20-21/21 2 (2nd place 12 Nat Erin) 2nd place (17 Nat Journee)
Winter Heat 3/6-7/21 1 (1st in GOLD 12 Nat Erin)
Spring Challenge 3/20/21 2 - (12U Erin & 15U Katie) 1 - 16 Nat Shawn
Regionals 15-18U 3/26-28/21 1 (1st in GOLD 16 Elite Sue)
Regionals 12-14U 4/2-4/21 1 (1st in GOLD 12 Nat Erin)
Rocky Top Bash 4/17-18/21 1 (1st in GOLD 12 Nat Erin)
K2 Summer Blast 5/8-9/21 1 (1st in GOLD 12 Nat Erin)
Southern Exposure 6/5-6/21 1 (2nd in USA Gold 16 Elite Sue)

  • 12 Nat Erin Wins GOLD- AGAIN!! Winter Heat - 3/6-7-21
  • 12U WINS GOLD! Charleston Jam - 2021
  • 17 Nat Journee - 2nd in GOLD! Beach Ball Bash - 2021
  • 12 National Erin - 2nd in GOLD! Beach Ball Bash - 2021
  • 18 National Bailey 2nd in GOLD! Crosstown Throwdown - 2/7/21
  • LMVC 16 Elite Cecilia - 2nd in GOLD! Crosstown Throwdown - 2/7/21
  • LMVC 16 Elite Sue WINS GOLD!! Crosstown Throwdown - 2/7/21
  • 12 Nat Erin Wins GOLD! Crosstown Throwdown - 2021
  • 16 National Ashleigh - 2nd in GOLD! Southern Classic - 2021
  • 17U WINS SILVER! Charleston Jam - 2021
  • 16U SUE WINS GOLD! Charleston Jam - 2021
  • 15 Nat Katie wins SILVER! Spring Challenge - 3/20/21
  • 16 Nat Shawn wins BRONZE! Spring Challenge - 3/20/21
  • 12 Nat Erin wins SILVER (in 13U!) Spring Challenge - 3/20/21
  • 16 Elite Sue wins GOLD!! Regionals 3/26-28/21
  • 12 National Erin wins GOLD yet again! Palmetto Regionals 4/2-4/21
  • 12 National Erin wins GOLD in TN!! Another GOLD for 12s! Rocky Top Bash - 4/17-18/21
  • 12 Nat Ends the Season with another GOLD! Summer Blast - 5/8-9/21
  • 16 Elite Sue takes 3rd in OPEN GOLD! SC AAU Grand Prix - 5/15-16/21
  • 16 Elite Sue - 2nd in USA Gold! Southern Exposure - 6/5-6/21
  • G Vegas 14U Triples 1st Place! Ryleigh Robrts, Sarah Ann Smoak, Josey Sweat
  • G Vegas 14U Triples 2nd Place! Olivia Drakeford, Lou Christian, Mary Elise Drakeford
  • G Vegas 12U Triples 1st Place! Hudson Goforth, Kendall Webster, Addi Collins
  • G Vegas 12U Triples 2nd place! Jade Wells, Addi Nerrone, Savannah Starnes

One of our sweet players, Abby S, representing LMVC beautifully at Myrtle Beach this weekend!

Lake Murray Recruits

We are so proud of all of our LMVC alumni that have gone on to play at the next level and achieved their dreams!

  • Lane Coleman - 2022 UNC Pembroke
  • Kendal Boland - 2020 Coker College
  • Amber Northcutt - 2020 USC Union
  • Chidera "Chi" Wilson - 2020 Spartanburg Methodist University
  • Maisy Garner - 2019 Erskine College
  • Caitlin Amick - 2019 Erskine College
  • Madison Nicholson - 2019 Spartanburg Methodist
  • Claire Fingerlin - 2018 Bluefield College
  • Rachel Branham - 2018 Columbia International University
  • Gracey Dorn - 2018 Newberry College
  • Chandler Williams - 2018 Newberry College
  • Madison Nicholson - 2018 USC Lancaster
  • Elyssia Marcavage - 2018 Spartanburg Methodist
  • Hunter LaFrage - 2017 Columbia College
  • Samantha Ojeda - 2017 Coker College
  • Summer Sampson - 2017
  • Iyana Favor - 2017 Johnson & Wales University
  • Ashleigh Cooke - 2017 Lander University
  • Josey Dorn - 2016 North Greenville University
  • Kiki Speights - 2016 Hollins University
  • Nikki - 2016 Converse College
Barbara Wilkes, SCCAWS Hall of Fame Inductee

We are blessed to have had Barbara Wilke's family join our LMVC family this season. Barbara is a SCCAWS Hall of Fame Inductee and her granddaughter, Logan, is playing on our 16 national team. Barbara has graciously agreed to share with us every couple of weeks and we are thrilled!  Thank you Barbara!

Barbara's Blog

Origination of Volleyball (article #2)

Originally Volleyball came from humble beginnings. The game came into existence in 1895, in Holyoke, Massachusetts. William G. Morgan created the game which was originally called “Mintonettte”. The name was later changed to Volley Ball, and finally as we know it today, Volleyball. Morgan created a fun unique game for the businessmen who came to the YMCA. They wanted a game which was competitive, but less physical than basketball. The game was created by mixing a variety of elements from: Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, and Handball


The first rules, written in longhand by Mr. Morgan, contained the following basic features:

  • Court size was 25 x 50 feet

  • Height of the net was 6 feet, 6 inches

  • Any number of participants was allowed

  • Serves could be assisted across the net

  • A second serve was permitted (as in tennis) if the first was served out of bounds

  • There was no limit to the number of hits on each side of the court

  • Players could continuously “air dribble” the ball up to a restraining line 4 feet from the net

  • Any ball touching the net was considered out of bounds

  • Faults by the receiving team, balls landing in the receiving team’s court or hit out of bounds by the receiving team resulted in a point for the serving team

  • Faults by the serving team, balls landing in the serving team’s court or hit out of bounds by the serving team (except for first serves) resulted in “side- out” for the serving team

  • Length of the game was nine “innings,” with three serves per team per inning, for three or more players on a team. If one player on a team, then one serve per side; two players on a team were thus allowed two serves per side.

Volleyball began as a fun game for men at the YMCA in Holy Yoke, MA. Today volleyball is one of the leading sports for men and women at all levels. It has continued to grow and change into a highly competitive sport played at all levels.