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Welcome to Lake Murray Volleyball Club



REMEMBER:  NO ONE is allowed to make any offer of a position on ANY team in our region before the official tryout period.  You can receive invitations to their tryouts, but nothing more!



Every player has 3 hrs from the time that they commit to a club in order to notify all clubs who they have chosen. This is being done to help clubs form their teams in a more efficient manner. 


12-14U:  Monday Oct 28th by 6PM
15-18U:  Sunday Nov 17th by 6PM

2019-20 12U-14U Tryouts


LMVC 12U-14U tryout details

Monday Oct 21st 12U 6:00-7:30 PM St Andrews Park 920 Beatty Rd
Monday Oct 21st 13U 6:00-9:00 PM St Andrews Park 920 Beatty Rd
Tuesday Oct 22nd 12U 6:00-7:30PM St Andrews Park 920 Beatty Rd
Tuesday Oct 22nd 14U 6:00-9:00 PM St Andrews Park 920 Betty Rd
Thursday Oct 24th 13U & 14U Make Ups 6:00-9:00 PM St Andrews Park 920 Beatty Rd

2019-20 15U-18U Tryouts


15U-18U Tryout Details

Sunday November 10th 15U & 18U Tryouts 1:00-3:00 PM Sonny's Sportsplex 578 Anders Drive
Sunday November 10th 16U & 17U Tryouts 3:00-5:00 PM Sonny's Sportsplex 578 Anders Drive
Sunday November 10th 15U-18U CALL BACKS 6:00-8:00 PM Sonny's Sportsplex 578 Anders Drive
Tuesday November 12th 15U-18U Make Ups 6:00-9:00 PM St Andrews Park 920 Beatty Rd



We are so excited to welcome our new Strength & Conditioning coach, Amy Rhyne.  Here is a little about her experience.

I have been involved with physical fitness and training since I learned how powerful of a tool both are for the mind and body. At the time, I was 14 and living in Charleston, SC when I learned how important this component of life was to me. Since then, I have been educated in the amazing capacity of the human body, and I love to share that enthusiasm of well-rounded strength.  Personally, I have trained in short and long distance running, weight training, functional fitness, recovery, and mobility modalities. Pushing our bodies in a mindful way is a crucial tool for success on and off the court, and it is a privilege for me to share and assist  in the development of power,strength, nutrition, and athleticism with the LMVC athletes this season.

parent liaison - myya johnson

We are thrilled to have Ms. Myya Johnson returning this season as our Parent Liaison.  Myya has been around volleyball for YEARS (her daughter Journee just graduated college and she started playing in 7th grade!).  Myya is the best type of person for this position as she is extremely objective and honest.  She is also a great mediator.   Parents can go to Myya to try to help them with any situation that arises and Myya will decide whether or not it needs to be brought to the board.   She will also be a great resource for any parents that have questions about our club and how things work.  Thank you for all that you do Myya!!

Team Moms/Hotels - Erin Sutton

We are so excited to announce that Coach Erin will be taking over the position of team mom/hotel coordinator, under the guidance of Coach Katie.  In an effort to try to delegate responsibilities, Coach Erin has been kind enough to take this on for us.  Her organizational skills and OCD should prove to be perfect qualities for this position.  Thank you Erin.

New club tshirt design now available for sale in our Lake Murray store!


Congrats to Coach Katie for being voted one of the 13U Coaches of the Year for 2019!! Also, congrats to Coach Sue for honorable mention, Director of the Year for 2019! 2019 was an outstanding season!

  • LMVC Board
  • AAU trophy- 3rd place in Club division!!
  • Coach Katie and Coach Sue with their awards!
  • Celebrating awards and club family!


Both our LMVC 13 National and LMVC 14 National teams attended the AAU National Championships in Orlando Florida last week. And wow...did the girls ever leave a mark! Both teams went undefeated the first 3 days with the 14s only losing one match until playoffs!  The 14s ended up 11th out of 116 teams!! Our 13s ended 3rd out of 96!! The competition was fierce and the girls rose to the occasion in every match!! They worked together on the court and played at their highest level of the season! We are all sad that the season is over but so glad that it ended on such a HIGH note! Great job coaches and girls! We are all so very proud of you!!

AAU Championships 2019!!

  • 14 National Getting Ready to Play!
  • 13 National Loving their Trophy!
  • 14 National Team bonding!
  • Sisters on & off the court!

We are committed to provide a secure, supportive family environment to grow the game of volleyball for future athletes of all ages and abilities.

Our growth-oriented programs are intended to develop character, accountability and sportsmanship in all of our athletes in an effort to create future leaders. To achieve this, we hold our staff to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.  

Our juniors program is geared toward developing athletes to play at the most competitive level. By using our unique approach, we strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors while helping provide a pathway to success for all of our athletes.

Life at Lake Murray!

  • Wanna Play Big Time Ball? We pride ourselves in how hard we work to get each player recruited to play at the next level, if that is part of their college path!
  • We TRULY love each other and care about one another!
  • We believe in HARD WORK and we NEVER GIVE UP!
  • We Compete! Our coaches are all extremely competitive, knowledgeable and supportive of each of their players and believe in creating responsible young adults. We lead by example and try to instill integrity and character as much as we instill volleyball skills.
  • Outdoor Rocks! Outdoor volleyball is another GREAT way to increase your volleyball IQ and skill. ALL of our coaches are active outdoor players and we encourage our girls to play over the summer.
  • Team Bonding All of our coaches understand the need for teams to bond outside of volleyball and always come up with new and unique ways of doing it, from aerial yoga to pizza party sleep overs!
  • Parent Tournament Our annual parent tournament has become one of the most anticipated events of the season! Parents play, kids's a hoot!!!
  • Parent Tournament Side Effects!
  • Family Picnic Fun
  • Our parents are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!
  • We are always sad to see any season end, but we try to ease the pain with TONS of food, sunshine, swimming, corn hole and oh yea...volleyball at our end of season FAMILY PICNIC at Pine Island
  • Support! We love to support our athletes during their school seasons as well as their club seasons!
  • We like to WIN a lot too!!
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Lake Murray Volleyball Club was founded in 2006 by four coaches that wanted to provide club volleyball for the players in the Irmo, Dutch Fork and Chapin area. We have grown so much and now have players from all over the state! 

Our focus is on teaching every volleyball player to play to the best of their ability. Coaches focus on technique, execution and mental focus with a strong emphasis on teamwork. Our coaches not only show each player how to improve and perfect their volleyball game but also take the time to teach leadership skills, build character and help them grow into independent, confident and successful young adults.

Our unique approach to the club experience and our sense of family are what set us apart from other clubs in this area. We offer many fun events throughout our season including individual team bonding events, end of season family picnic and the seasonal favorite - 6 vs 6 parent tournament!    

We strive to get to know each player on a personal level. We also help each girl in their recruiting process as our goal is to get each girl a college scholarship!

We hope that you will consider being a part of the Lake Murray volleyball club family!!

Come find out what we are all about.

Proud of our LMVC 2019 Season!!

  • 15 National wins SILVER!! Winter Heat Power - 2/23/19
  • 13 Regional wins GOLD!! Winter Heat Club - 2/16/19
  • 13 Regional Carolina Challenge - 1/19/19
  • 14 Nat Red 2nd in GOLD! Charleston Jam - 1/5/19
  • 18 National wins SILVER! Charleston Jam - 1/5/19
  • 13 National wins GOLD! Charleston Jam - 1/5/19
  • 13 Regional wins GOLD! Kickoff Classic - 1/5/19
  • 13 National wins GOLD! Winter Blast - 1/12/19
  • 17 National Red wins GOLD! Winter Blast -1/12/19
  • 15 National 2nd in GOLD!! Winter Blast - 1/12/19
  • 18 National 2nd in GOLD!! Winter Blast - 1/12/19
  • 17 National Red WINS GOLD! Carolina Classic - 1/26/19
  • 14 National Red WINS GOLD! Carolina Classic - 1/26/19
  • 16 National WINS SILVER! Carolina Classic - 1/26/19
  • 14 National Black WINS BRONZE Carolina Classic - 1/26/19
  • 13 National Red Wins OPEN GOLD!! Queen City Classic - 2/2-3/19
  • 14 National Red wins GOLD!! Valentine Beach Ball Bash - 2/9-10/19
  • 13 National Red wins GOLD!! Valentine Beach Ball Bash - 2/9-10/19
  • Southern Classic 3/9 - 3/10 16 National wins Jade
  • A perfect UNDEFEATED Saturday!! Southern Classic - 3/9/19
  • 13 Nat Red wins GOLD!! Southern Classic - 3/9-10/19
  • MAPL - 3/2-3/19 14 Nat Red 2nd in SILVER! 13 Nat Red 5th in GOLD!
  • 14 Reg Wins SILVER!! Shamrock Showdown-3/16/19
  • 13 Reg Wins SILVER!! Shamrock Showdown-3/16/19
  • Coach Katie - Coach of the Year 13U!! LMVC - #1 Club in the Midlands!!
  • Celebrating the Club's Big Win!!!
  • 13 National Wins Open Gold!! Palmetto Regionals 3/22-24/19
  • LMVC - #1 Club in the MIdlands!!
  • 13 National 4th in GOLD! Big South National Qualifier 4/12-14/19
  • Maisy signs at Erskine!
  • Madison signs at Spartanburg Methodist College! Indoor & Beach programs
  • Claire signs at Bluefield College!
  • Cailtin signs at Erskine College!
  • 14 National takes 1st at K2!!
  • 13 National takes 1st at K2!
  • 13 National wins GOLD at AAU Reg Championships!
  • 13 National Wins 3rd at AAU!
  • 14 National takes 11th out of 116 teams at AAU!


It was a great weekend for our 13 national team as they brought home the gold from the AAU region championships in Myrtle Beach this past weekend. The team went undefeated (only losing 1 set) and seemed to get better with every match! We are so proud of their hard work and all of the success that they have earned this season!  Great job girls!!

Caitlin Signs with Erskine Beach!

This girl right here stole our hearts when she joined us two years ago!! Now she is signed to play BEACH VOLLEYBALL at ERSKINE COLLEGE! We are all so proud of her and happy that she is going to have the chance to play the game she loves so much. So much hard work, private lessons, dedication went into this moment! Caitlin embodies all that we stand for at LMVC including character, integrity, INCREDIBLE work ethic and a desire to learn and perform at her best!

Young girls, pay attention to how it is done! We love you Caitlin!! Can't wait to come watch you play!!


13 REGIONAL1st Merryck Brackett 2nd Abby Edwards    13 NATIONAL1st Jayden "JJ" Johnson 2nd Ashley Brown    14 REGIONAL1st Isabelle Roddy 2nd Julia Maybach    14 NATIONAL BLACK 1st Payton Pilot 2nd Dayona Merritt    14 NATIONAL RED1st Anna Grace Martin 2nd Madeleine Jones    15 NATIONAL1st Gracyn Caughman 2nd Amelia Ghandi    16 NATIONAL1st Audrey Taylor 2nd Natalie Cousins     17 NATIONAL BLACK1st  Kayla Bryant 2nd Skylar Talton    17 NATIONAL RED1st Gabby Brown 2nd Leah Doty    18 NATIONAL:  1st Maisy Garner 2nd Madison Nicholson

  • LMVC - Voted #1 Large Club in the Midlands!
  • Celebrating our great LMVC day
  • Coach Katie - 13U Coach of the Year Coach Sue - Runner-Up Director of the Year

LMVC 13 National Wins OPEN GOLD!

PARENT TOURNAMENT 2019 was a HUGE success!! We had 9 out of our 10 teams participating and TONS of parents showing off on the court! As always it ends up being one of our favorite days of the year and we have SO much fun watching the parents try to play while the girls coach them! Pretty funny watching how it is when roles are reversed.  Thank you to all that participated! We love you all!

  • 13 National Red Parents win GOLD!! Parent tournament 3/17/19
  • Stephen Lance - Co MVP
  • Charlie Mejia - Co MVP

Parent Tournament Champs 2019!

  • Jodi with the set!
  • Sweet Diana and her 18 National babies!
  • Libero Kerri Martin!
  • Marc with the great pass!
  • More 18s fun!
  • 16 National team huddle
  • Bruce takes a swing!
  • Greg, Krystal, Diana & Jessica
  • Ummmm, Karen? Not sure what is happening here
  • Some serious play at the net!
  • 14 Nat Black's Cleve Pilot warming up his serve!
  • Players meeting!
  • 18 National Parents - Definitely deserve the spirit award!
  • Chad Boland serving for 17 Nat Red 2nd place finishers
  • 17 Red being coached by the BEST!!

Get to Know Our Girls

Skylar Talton

This week's player of the week is Skylar Talton! Skylar plays for our 17 National Black team as their setter and right side hitter. A quick story to show her heart and commitment to her team, Skylar was sick and could not play this past weekend on Saturday but came back Sunday and played through it. She ended up with 6 kills, 9 aces 22 assists on their way to a hard fought Bronze semi final loss. Skylar is a leader on and off the court and her teammates adore her. Skylar's dad, Robbie actually plays volleyball and does a great job for the team at the Parent Tournament each year! She has one brother who plays baseball in college and she attends to Airport High School. Her mother is also a teacher at Airport High. We are so proud to have girls like Skylar in our club! Love you Skylar!


13 -1st place 5 2 2
4 - 2nd place

Regionals Video

Shamrock Showdown

This past weekend was a great one for our Regional teams at the Shamrock Showdown! Both our 13 Regional Chargers and 14 Regional Tornados won 1st place in Silver and added to our total medal count for the season. We are so proud of these girls and coaches and we see the improvement with every tournament! Can't wait to watch all of them this weekend at Regionals!! Great job everyone!!

  • 13 Regional Chargers Win Silver! Shamrock Showdown
  • 14 Regional Tornados Win Silver! Shamrock Showdown

Madison signs at Spartanburg Methodist University!!

Madison signs at SMC

Congratulations to Madison Nicholson on signing to play at the next level with Spartanburg Methodist College. Madison is truly one of our most treasured players at LMVC. She embodies EVERYTHING that a coach could ask for. Her work ethic is beyond measure and I have never seen anyone that wanted extra work more than Madison! We are all so happy for her and cannot wait to see her play next season. You are truly loved Madison and we will miss you, but we are all so very proud of you!!

Updates & News


National Teams

All of our National teams will be going to the Big South National Qualifier. These do not show up on the list of events above as this is not a Palmetto Region tournament.

Proud Member of