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Regional News:

18 National Black strikes GOLD!!!!

Silver at Carolina Classic

Carolina Classic Silver Winners

Carolina Classic Silver Winners

Winter Heat Tournament

Gabby is this tournament's MVP.  Gabby played outstanding defense all day, she was all over the court digging balls. Gabby was determined that no ball would hit the ground anywhere near her.  

Awesome job Gabby !!!

Charleston Jam

There are two MVP's for this tournament. 

The first is Maricann, her serving and hitting kept us in a lot of games, whenever we need a side out we could count on Maricann to put the ball down.    I also have to mention an amazing pancake that Maricann made that had everyone cheering.  Great job Maricann.

Gabby, I normally do not like to give MVP to the same person twice but the way Gabby played I had no choice.  Over the weekend Gabby passed very well and was outstanding (again) digging.  This tournament she really helped the team with her serving.  Her spot serving allow us to come back in several games.  Great job again Gabby

Carolina Classic

It was hard to pick out one player that stood out above all the others in this tournament.  In the Silver Finals the entire team did just a great job and each player helped with the win.  For this tournament I am awarding the entire team the MVP award.  You all did a awesome job to win Silver in this tournament.

Valentine Beach Bash

We have another tournament were we have two MVPs.  

Allison played very well this weekend, she got us points a critical times when we needed them and as always keeps the cheering the team when she is on the court and off.  Allison is quickly becoming one of the strongest offensive players on the team.  Great job Allison

Gabby played very well again this weekend.  I do not like giving the same player MVP each week, but I can not help it when someone plays as well as Gabby has been playing.  She makes amazing plays just when the team needs them the most.  She always has a positive attitude and is a joy to coach.  Great job again this weekend Gabby.

Winter Heat Tournament

Everyone played well this tournament and during the tournament I did not see anyone stand out above the others so I went to the stats for this tournaments MVP.

Madison Baughman had 13 aces, 5 kills, 1 Block (she was very excited), 32 assists and 19 digs.   We also tried out a timeout focus idea ("give and get") she had that really worked well for us this weekend.

Great job Madison

Big South National Qualifier

Allison (Allie) played very well the entire weekend but had an amazing performance during out final match on Saturday.  I will edit this post and put in the stats once I compile them all but not only did Allie hit and serve well but she had some amazing defensive plays that allow us to beat the team that was undefeated on our net.  The entire team stepped up their game during this match but Allie really stood out with a lot of incredible  digs.

Outstanding job Allie!!!!