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Welcome to Lake Murray Volleyball Club

Carolina One Challenge - Regional Teams


Caroline Classic - 1/26/19


  • 14 Nat Red 2nd in GOLD! Charleston Jam
  • 18 National wins SILVER! Charleston Jam
  • 13 National wins GOLD! Charleston Jam
  • 13 Regional wins GOLD! Charleston Jam
  • 13 National wins GOLD! Winter Blast
  • 17 National Red wins GOLD! Winter Blast

Get to Know Our Girls

Merryck Brackett

This week's player of the week is Merryck Brackett.  This is Merryck's 2nd season with LMVC and she has been a complete joy!  She has an infectious energy and love for the game.  She was chosen as this week's MVP for her 13 Regional Chargers team with an impressive 30 aces, 46 digs and 15 kills for the day!  Her favorite color is blue, her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite song is Cardi B's "I like it like that".  Merryck has 2 older siblings and 2 dogs.  She is also fast as lightening and awesome at volleyball!!


4 - 1st place 1 - 1st
3 - 2nd place

4 Medals added at Winter Blast!

Congratulations to our four teams that got a medal this past weekend, bringing the count to 8 on the season already!  We are so proud of all of the girls and their coaches. 

18 National 2nd in GOLD, 17 National Red 1st in GOLD, 15 National 2nd in GOLD & 13 National Red 1st in GOLD!

Keep up the good work everyone...we are off to a great start!

- Save the Dates -

Sunday March 17th   1-5 PM

Parent Tournament @ Sonny's Sportsplex

Saturday April 20th  1-8PM

LMVC Family Picnic @ Pine Island

New club tshirt design now available for sale in our Lake Murray store!


We are so excited about the incredible coaches that we have with us this season, both those that have been with us for years and our fresh, highly qualified new coaches! We are also excited to welcome our first LMVC alumni assistant coaches. It's great to have our players come back home when they are finished with college!

  • Journee English - 13 Reg
  • Maegan Taylor - 13 Reg/LMVC Alumn
  • Katie Austin - 13 Nat
  • Sue Dillon - 17 Nat/13 Nat
  • Mike Dillon - 14 Nat Red
  • Jessica Dillon - 14 Nat Red/LMVC Alumn
  • Maddie Hilliard - 14 Nat Black
  • Hannah Johns - 14 Nat Black/LMVC Alumn
  • Josie McElroy - 14 Reg
  • Heather Hobbs - 14 Reg/LMVC Alumn
  • Jamie Oeters - 15 Nat
  • Caitlin Sandroni - 15 Nat
  • Shawn Acton - 16 Nat
  • Krystal Acton - 16 Nat
  • Sydney Holliday - 16 Nat/LMVC Alumn
  • Brandon Doty - 17 Nat Red
  • Erin Sutton - 17 Nat Black/LMVC Alumn
  • Bailey Montana - 17 Nat Black
  • Sean Dillon - 18 Nat
  • Claire Damon - 18 Nat
  • Haley Kelley - Volunteer Coach
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Life at Lake Murray Volleyball!

  • Wanna Play Big Time Ball? We pride ourselves in how hard we work to get each player recruited to play at the next level, if that is part of their college path!
  • Outdoor Rocks! Outdoor volleyball is another GREAT way to increase your volleyball IQ and skill. ALL of our coaches are active outdoor players and we encourage our girls to play over the summer.
  • Team Bonding All of our coaches understand the need for teams to bond outside of volleyball and always come up with new and unique ways of doing it, from aerial yoga to pizza party sleep overs!
  • Parent Tournament Our annual parent tournament has become one of the most anticipated events of the season! Parents play, kids's a hoot!!!
  • Parent Tournament Side Effects!
  • Family PIcnic Fun
  • We TRULY love each other and care about one another!
  • Our parents are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!
  • We believe in HARD WORK and we NEVER GIVE UP!
  • We are always sad to see any season end but we try to ese the pain with TONS of food, sunshine, swimming, corn hole and oh yea...volleyball at our end of season FAMILY PICNIC at Pine Island
  • We Compete! Our coaches are all extremely competitive, knowledgeable and suppprtive of each of their players and believe in creating responsible young adults. We lead by example and try to instill integrity and character as much as we instill volleyball skills.
  • Support! We love to support our athletes during their school seasons as well as their club seasons!
  • Oh yeah....we like to win a lot too!!!

Our Mission:

Lake Murray Volleyball Club was founded in 2006 by four coaches that wanted to provide club volleyball for the players in the Irmo, Dutch Fork and Chapin area. We have expanded to include players from all over the Columbia area. Our focus is on teaching every volleyball player to play to the best of their ability. Coaches focus on technique, execution and mental focus with a strong emphasis on teamwork. Our coaches not only teach the player how to improve and perfect their volleyball game but also take the time to teach leadership skills, build character and help them grow into independent, confident and successful young adults.

The main thing that sets us apart from other clubs in our area is our sense of family. We offer many fun events throughout our season including a parent 6 v 6 volleyball competition, individual team bonding events, end of season family picnic and the seasonal favorite - our fun day. We strive to get to know each player on a personal level. We also help each girl in their recruiting process as our goal is to get each girl a college scholarship!

We hope that you will consider being a part of the Lake Murray volleyball club family!!

Come find out what we are all about.

13 National Red Wins Open Gold and a National Bid!


Palmetto Regionals 2018!!

18 National Black wins Gold in Power Division at Regionals!!

Chandler signs with Newberry College!

Our sweet Chandler Williams signed to play and continue her passion in college! She has been with us at LMVC for years now and has become like family to all of us (along with her wonderful and crazy momma!!) Congratulations to her for all of her hard work and always believing that she would make it! She will be playing at Newberry College and we couldn't be prouder of her!! Fly high young lady!!! We love you!!


So this happened today!! Our girl Gracey Dorn signed today to play at Newberry College!! Gracey and her family have been with us for so long and it will not be the same without the Dorn's next season!! Congratulations Gracey!! We are all so happy for you and love you to bits! Can't wait to come and watch you live your dream by playing next season!!!!

Congratulations to Miss Madison Baughman on her signing today with USC Lancaster!! She has always dreamed of playing at the next level and now she will be!! Coach Burke is getting a good one here! Keep up the hard work! It has paid off for you! We are ALL so proud of you and wish you the very best in your future!!

Congratulations to Elyssia Marcavage who signed at Spartanburg Methodist College to play at the next level!  We are so excited for her and proud of her.  We have been blessed to have had her join our LMVC family this season and know what a special player she is and great teammate!   Here's to doing big things and a great future!

Congratulations to Rachael Branham, libero for our 18 National Red team, for signing at Columbia International University to play at the next level!!! We have been so blessed to have her join our Lake Murray family this season and I am thrilled to be able to coach her in her last year of club! Rachael is an UNBELIEVABLE player and we are so excited for her! Thanks for all of your hard work on the court and your sweet, funny self off the court!!!

2018 Parent Tourn Champs! Team LMVC 16 Red: BOTTOM ROW left to right Arlene DiNicola, Brandon Doty TOP ROW left to right: Becky Wrenn, David Brown, Kevin Shealy and Robbie Talton


We had a GREAT turnout for our 2018 Parent Tournament!  All of the parents played their hearts out and had a GREAT time!!  I'm sure there are a lot of sore muscles today heading to work!  Thank you so much to Mary Dorn for helping us secure our location and for all of your help!  It was a HUGE SUCCESS!

  • 18 Black Wins Silver!
  • 18 National win Gold at Southern Classic!
  • 13 National takes 2nd in Gold!
  • Big block by LMVC alumn Asleigh Cooke
  • 16 Black wins Silver!!
  • LMVC 18 Red
  • 18 Black Bowling night These girls need to stick to volleyball.... But we had a great time.
  • LMVC 13 Black
  • 12s Win Gold at Regionals 2016
  • 13 National celebrating a kill
  • 13 National wins Gold!!
  • LMVC 15 Red
  • Big Swing by 18 National's Chandler Williams
  • LMVC 12 Black
  • LMVC 14 Black
  • LMVC 16 Red
  • 18 National wins Bronze Myrtle Beach!
  • 13 National Wins Gold in Myrtle Beach!
  • 15National Win Silver at Southern Classic!
  • 16s win Bronze at Southern Classic!
  • 13 National takes 2nd in Gold at Southern Classic!
  • 15 National Wins Gold!!
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2018 All-Region Players!

Congratulations to these players for earning the All-Region honor for their 2018 teams!  Great work ladies!!

12 Regional

Merryck Brackett

Jalynn Edgerton

13 National: 

Jaden "JJ" Johnson

Anna Grace Martin

13 Regional:  

Ya Ya Jiminez

Emma Rowe

14 Regional: 

Gracyn Caughmann

Braelyn Garner

15 National: 

Haiden Helms

Alexis Farrell

16 National

Gabby Brown

Gina DiNicola

16 Regional:  

Tori Pack

Natalie Cousins

18 National Red: 

Gracey Dorn

Rachael Branham

18 National Black: 

Marciann Greer

Gabby Mejia

Proud Member of

15 National Wins Gold in Augusta!

Another great day for LMVC!!  Two of our National teams won gold at the Winter Heat tournament this weekend in Augusta (2/24).  This is just part of what has already been such a successful season for us!  Great coaches, great players and great results!!  GO LMVC!!

13 National Wins Gold in Augusta!

Updates & News


National Teams

All of our National teams will be going to the Big South National Qualifier.  These do not show up on the list of events above as this is not a Palmetto Region tournament.