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Coach Sue's Camps

These camps are for ALL AGES, boys & girls. They aren't divided by age, rather by skill level. I have found this makes for a much more successful experience for the players.

Coach Sue's Camps will be held at:

Seven Oaks Park
200 Leisure Lane
Columbia, SC

(803) 772-3336

REGISTER: (opens March 15, 2022)
When using the website, be sure to check under "program registration" and then look for "camps" and then "summer camps". All my camps are listed here.

You can also register by calling the park at the # above

PLEASE be sure to register your player in the proper level camp. If you have any questions about which camp to register, please contact Coach Sue Dillon   
(803) 262-7914 

BASIC CAMP: This camp is meant for players that have some playing experience or are brand new. They still need to work on moving their feet to the ball, especially on a served ball. They will still need help with hitting fundamentals and serving and have not learned/mastered game rotations.

INTERMEDIATE: This camp is meant for players with game-situation playing experience. They understand game rotation and can get their feet to the ball. They can pass a served ball relatively consistently and can serve over the net overhand from behind the service line.

ADVANCED CAMP: This camp is not for fundamentals. Players that attend this camp are ready to refine their already developed fundamentals and learn about team offensive and defensive strategies. They have fast and successful defensive skills. They also have good hitting, serving and passing skills.

***You do not need to attend one camp in order to attend another. For example, you do not have to attend Basic Camp I in order to attend Basic Camp II. They are just numbered for clarification***

Coach Sue's Camp Schedule 2022

Intermediate Camp I $80.00 Saturday 9am-1pm Sunday 1pm-5pm Saturday 6/11 & Sunday 6/12 40 players
Intermediate Camp II $80.00 6:30-9:00 PM Mon 7/18-Thursday 7/21 40 players
Advanced Camp I $80.00 Saturday 9am-1pm Sunday 1pm-5pm Saturday 7/9 & Sunday 7/10 40 players
Advanced Camp II $80.00 6:30-9:00 PM Mon 7/11-Thurs 7/14 40 players


  • These camps are all-around skills camps. We will focus on giving each player the chance to learn and improve on every skill and also incorporate a lot of team drills.

  • If you have any questions concerning the camp, including where you think you should register, please feel free to email, text or call me: Sue Dillon (803) 262-7914